Tuesday, 6 July 2010

DVD cover ideas

For our DVD cover we will use every character and photo shop them onto a coloured background, then change the JLS to CLS which stands for Chris Leach singing.

Monday, 5 July 2010

analysing JLS cd cover

This album cover is selling the artist as the JLS is very bold and stands outs so it is instantly recognizable to whoever is looking a it. There is a different colour background for each member of the group this shows that they all have a different personality and/or style, this usually leads to fans having a favourite singer, which helps sell particular merchandise from the indiviuals of the group.

JLS- Beat again Practice task

Starring Chris Leach

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Costumes for the 1 minute music video

As Chris is the only one featuring in the music clip, he is going to have a lot of costume changes, this is to show a change in character - as there are 4 members in the original music group. Each costume is going to be very different: such as a nerd, chav/gangster, a posh character, and someone very flamboyant.

This idea is very original, but goes against the conventions of the original video. Which shows the members of JLS in similar outfits and dancing together. Though there is a comparison in our ideas for our video in the music video by Westlife 'Bubblin'. Each member of the band is in an outfit which signifies that they each have a role in the group and not one person is in the centre of attention, one is wearing a denim jacket and chain whereas another is wearing a white suit.

For the Chav/Gangster outfit, Chris is going to wear:
- A flatcap
- A big chain and fake gold jewellry
- Baggy clothing
- K-Swiss shoes

For the nerd charachter:
- Big glasses
- Buttoned up shirt, tucked in.
- Combed over hair.
- Trousers pulled up high

For the Posh character:
- A tie
- A blazer
- Black shoes.

For the flamboyant:
- A scarf
- A hat
- Pink t-shirt
- Jeans
- Big sunglasses

Chris is going to have different hairstyles for each character, this is to emphasize the costume changes and adds to the effect of the different characters and makes them more obvious, especially if the shots are just of his head or top half.

Friday, 25 June 2010

1 minute song intro Back- up plan

because we lost our pitch for the song we wanted we had to come up with a back-up plan. This means we are doing the JLS song 'Beat Again'.

Our ideas for the Video:
-Try and use the whole group in the video.
-Only use a few locations.
-Try a bit of dancing.
-Play the song for about 1.03 mins as this is where the song had a break after the chorus.
-Costume changes.


-Constant change of lighting.
-Florescent lights.

We think that we could base all the song around a microphone, it could be passed or thrown between singers and that is what it follows, the shot types could change with the beat of the song. There wouldn't really be a story line or narrative to the video as it is based around the microphone.

1 minute song intro.

For our music intro we have chosen the song Eternal Flame by The Bangles. We chose this because we think it would be a good song to lip-sync to and there is lots of different ways it could be done and lots of opportunities to be original.

Our ideas for the video are:
-lots of different locations.
-have some of the lyrics in the video.
-different costume changes.
-a main singer and back up singer(s) who appears in the video.
-maybe cameo's from the director, cameraman, editors.
-fades from one location to another.
-maybe a bit of comedy as it is an all male group.

-try and use the weather to our advantage.

-Depending on the part of the song we would use different lighting and the mood changes throughout the song.

Special effects:
-A person floating at the end of the song.
-fades between location.
-ghosts of background singer.
-multiple person shots.
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